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Why Did Your Brand’s Facebook Page Lose So Many Fans?

Zullo Agency in Princeton NJ shares about Social Media and why Brand's are losing Facebook Page Likes

Did you wake up this morning to find that dozens of your page's Facebook Likes mysteriously vanished overnight? You're not alone! Many Facebook page managers noticed a significant drop in their brand’s Facebook likes numbers last week (and those that haven't seen it yet can expect to in the next few weeks, according to Facebook's blog.) While this sudden plunge may alarming, the change shouldn’t be seen as a major setback – and we'll explain why.

So where did the fans go? Facebook explains that the fans that were removed are inactive Facebook users who aren’t using the social media service, and therefore, unlikely to interact with your brand page. Removing these accounts from a brand’s audience results in a more viable, engaged follower base. It also positions brands for better results & ROI on Facebook advertising through a more defined, active audience.

While losing Facebook fans may seem like a bitter pill to swallow, social media managers are reminded: Page Likes are just one of dozens of metrics to consider when evaluating your brand’s social media success!

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